I have made 10 albums since 1994. With the October 2021 update to the site I have taken the decision, for the moment, to delete the first nine.

Whilst I am proud of most of the songs themselves, there are aspects to the recordings (and occasionally the lyrics) that I would like to revise and improve before making them available again.

This revision will be an ongoing process that will happen concurrently with the release of new music through this site, on CD and on vinyl.

The next projected release is a second EP (to follow EPISODE 1 : Voiced) in the latter part of 2022.

The CD of  Poole Incarnate, my rock opera, remains in print and can be ordered from me via PayPal.

The cost for UK buyers (including postage) is £10.00 

Buyers in Western Europe (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France,  Germany, Greece, Iceland, ROI, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland) should send £12.50 

Buyers in the rest of the world should send £15.00 

Please pay this account : postmaster@middle8.co.uk 

You will receive a sealed CD, unless you indicate that you wish for it to be signed (I’ll have to open it to sign it!). Let me know how you would like to receive your CD when you place your order.

The album is also available to stream or download from all the usual outlets.

The earlier sets are pictured below.

Albums 1994 - 2020

(Top row, from left) Hey Freud! (1994)

Roman Roads (1996)

The North South Divide (1998, expanded in 2017)

(Middle row, from left) Artistic Licence Detector Van (2000)

Are You Being Reserved? (2002)

You've Got To Hear This, Baby! (2005)

(Bottom row, from left) How Do You Know You're Not Dreaming? (2009)

9 Actual Moments (2012)

Music and Love, Artist and Repertoire (2015)

(Not pictured) Poole Incarnate (2020)